Monday, April 23, 2007

Weekend of Festing

This past weekend we attended two Slidell festivals: the Antique Street Fair and the Crawfish Cookoff.
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The sky was clear, the temps were cool and the food was plentiful.

We hit the street fair early, so the crowds were thin. It made for a much more enjoyable time.

We could smell the italian sausage grilling from blocks away and decided that that's what our breakfast would be.

A very good choice.

It's a small fair, but there were some gorgeous pieces of furniture there.

Check out that chair. Wish I had the $350 they were asking.

There were smaller items as well. This 1930's era handmixer was really neat.

After an hour of so of strolling around, we were hungry, so we headed for the Crawfish Cookoff across town.
The proceeds of this event benefits Hospice Foundation of the South.

For $20 each, we ate all of the mudbugs we could consume. I never ate so much crawfish in my life.

I award the gentleman in the red hat the outfit of the day.

Bag of Donuts entertained the crowd

Now it's time to rest up for this Saturday and Jazz Fest We'll be spending a majority of the day in the Southern Comfort Blues Tent

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