Sunday, April 01, 2007

Festival Time

This weekend marked the kickoff of festivals in this area.

Here's a complete listing of Louisiana Festivals scheduled from now through December Thanks to the TP for this listing.

On Saturday, hubby and I decided to do the Picayune Street Festival.

A quaint little happening, the Street Fest offered us three hours of people watching, good food and great bargains. Picayune is 15 minutes from Slidell and has become a new home people who lost everything to Katrina. Lacking the "la-dee-dah" factor of some New Orleans festivals, the Picayune Street Festival is worth while. Here are some pictures.
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The weather was overcast and it DID sprinkle some, but all of the Antique and Gift shops where open (some very nice ones) which allowed us time to browse

This was the largest car show I'd seen. This green beauty was by far my favorite.

Did you know that there is a Biker Church? Cool!
These furniture makers from Lucedale, Mississippi created some huge bedroom suites for your "weekend getaway"

The helicopter rides took place all day

I found this beautiful suncatcher for only $35
I would like to talk to the person who approved the wording of this billboard. It makes no sense.

We spent the afternoon doing chores at home and about 5 pm it started raining. Very little thunder and lightning, but around 5:30 we heard a crash and discovered the baskteball goal had been pushed over by winds

A little later the electricity went out......till 10:30 PM. We thought entergy had taken over our electric company over here, but seems like there were a lot of power outages in this area last night and we were low on the totem pole. Come to find out, a tree that had been killed during Katrina succumbed to the winds and fell. As it did, a piece of it tangled in the electrical wires and took out our power.

Thanks to Cleco for the great work.

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