Friday, March 02, 2007

they blew up the levees

I got this email last night:

It never ceases to amaze me how people like you can be so opinionated without all the facts. My family was displaced by Katrina. My father used to live in Slidell and my Sister is in the process of moving now.
All of my relatives, whom by the way, live are living and did live in New Orleans and Slidell agree, there was a suspicious explosion in the area of the levy before the flooding began and AFTER Katrina had already passed through. It was blown by the Army Core of Engineers.
Katrina was devastating in its own way but did not cause the damage the mainstream news wants America and the world to believe.
I do not know Mr. Nagin and most probably will never meet him but, I would like to see YOU deal with a situation like this and come out looking good when ALL the help that is normally available was cut off by the Federal Government during Katrina. The aftermath of this tragedy is that, it was ALL created at the top. From my point of view, it was time to get those poor people out of there.
Nagin my not be a genius but do you think Mr. Bush is?
If you ran for Mayor, I would vote for you just to see how well you will do.

I cannot believe how many ignorant people are running around out there. I bet this assclown hasn't even been down here since the storm.


Anonymous said...
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Anita said...

Erp! I don't know if my comment took! Blogger went all squirrely and sent me back to my own blog... Just in case it didn't.. Let me say it again:

"Katrina was devastating in its own way but did not cause the damage the mainstream news wants America and the world to believe."

That's right! In its own Hi-I-live-clear-out-95-miles-from-any-
still-looks-nuked sort of way!

OMG The mainstream news hasn't even TOUCHED upon the damage this Katrina thing caused.. and if not for folks like you blogging about it, Judy -- even fewer people would have a clue.

How come I never get personalized emails from self-deluded lunatics?

Anonymous said...

hopefully they're talking about the fact that katrina wasn't that srong when it hit, it was the fact that the levees broke.

judyb said...

Anon, Katrina came ashore as supposedly a Cat 3. It's path didn't hit NOLA head on. I live in Slidell, stayed for the storm and we experienced the western eyewall and I'll tell you that Katrina was a fierce storm. We had sustained winds of 175 MPM with gusts up to 195. You only had to walk/drive around Slidell to see the storm's strength. The issue with NOLA is all in the Army Corps of Engineer's hands. Their shoddy work brought about the flooding of the city.