Thursday, March 08, 2007

Don't Run, Kathleen!

Scott Jordan of the Independent writes an open letter to Kathleen Blanco

Don't Run

Some excerpts
In the face of the tragedy and hardship that came out of Katrina and Rita, Louisiana residents and voters have become involved in the political process like never before. We are tired of Louisiana’s recovery languishing in bureaucratic red tape and ineffective policies. What was once a wink-and-a-nudge Louisiana tradition — laughing and groaning at colorful or corrupt politicians — is no longer funny, and never will be again. .....Before your poll numbers started dropping precipitously, you realized you had one chance — a possible golden ticket, even — to re-election.....The Road Home Program.....You staked out your turf in dramatic fashion, making it unequivocally clear that the program’s failure or success didn’t depend on New Orleans legislators or the federal government. This was your Road Home program, your solution....... Let’s not mince words: The Road Home has been a disaster......Time is of the essence. The longer you stay in the race, the longer it will take for other candidates to declare their candidacy and present their platform to the public..... That’s why I’m asking you not to run for re-election.

I hope she takes his advice.

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