Wednesday, February 28, 2007

Taking a break from Katrina

My commute into N.O. east takes me thru Irish Bayou every day.
Sights like this

I admire the gumption of the folks of Irish Bayou for rebuilding bigger and better.

But it's nice to get away......even if it's only thru pictures.....

We took a vacation Thanksgiving week, 2004 on Dauphin Island, Alabama.
This was two months after Hurricane Ivan split the island in pieces, taking away the west end. Katrina finished it off. Thanks, Katrina.

Anyway, here are pictures that make me think back to better, simpler, more relaxing times.
click on pictures for full-size images


Anita said...

Gorgeous!!! Gorgeous!! Thanks for sharing these, Judy!! All that's missing from the photos is ME (and maybe my fishing rod.. and some speckled trout!)

judyb said...

I can hardly wait to be back there. I miss those spectacular sunsets.