Thursday, February 01, 2007

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It's no secret that a good number of people are wondering why people in New Orleans haven't "gotten over" Katrina and move on with their lives. These people need to have a little insight into what gross negligence on the part of federal and local governments has done to the soul of the residents of the city. Especially those that experienced loss of home, loved ones and lately, the heart to carry on.

I suggest that everyone read both this post and the responses to it and then re-examine your feelings about us "getting over it".

But Katrina did not just hit the city. In St. Tammany Parish there are still 6,000 FEMA trailers being occupied

Pearlington, Mississippi is being rebuilt by volunteers due to some crazy government mixup.

Politicians are using this area to fuel their future plans or to cover up their bungling ways and save face for upcoming elections.
From All Headlines News, On Monday, January 29th, before the Senate Committee on Homeland Security & Governmental Affairs regarding Katrina's devastation in New Orleans, Mayor Nagin testified that:
Hurricane Katrina was the largest and most costly disaster in American history. More than 1,400 Louisiana residents lost their lives. Katrina produced the first mandatory evacuation in New Orleans history, and the largest displacement of people in U.S. history, 1.3 million. More than 200,000 New Orleanians remain displaced.

New Orleans sustained 57% of all the damage in Louisiana. Of our 188,251 occupied housing units, 134,344 sustained reportable damage, and 105,155 were severely damaged. Residential damage in Orleans parish was $14 billion.

Statewide, 81,000 businesses were impacted. The City of New Orleans lost $168 million in annual revenue, 50 percent of its operating budget. City government was forced to reduce its employees by 3,000 - half its workforce.

With 80 percent of New Orleans under water for almost a month, the damage done by the moisture was extensive, but as harmful to our infrastructure was the damage done by the weight of the water. In all, 480 billion pounds of water poured into our city and sat for almost a month.

I guess what I'm trying to put across is that emotions in this area are stretched and people feel beaten, used and forgotton. Please keep all those people in your prayers.

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