Wednesday, February 14, 2007

The Feb. 13th Tornadoes

The two tornadoes that touched down around 3-4 a.m. in New Orleans caused a great deal of destuction on both sides of the Mississippi River. To date, there has only been one fatality: an 85 year old woman who was living in a FEMA trailer while her Katrina-damaged home was being repaired. She was close to seeing her home completely finished. Instead, the storm picked up her FEMA trailer and tossed it and also completely destroyed her home. In Westwego over 100 homes were damaged and the roof was torn off a hotel that housed families who were living there after being displaced by Katrina. The Bon Soir had just completed repairs from Katrina.

The T.P. has two slide shows detailing the destruction:
Pictures and an eyewitess account of the sights and sounds.

The path of the tornado

Bloggers discussing this event are linked below:

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Please keep the victims of this tragedy in your prayers. In many cases, these people are just rebuilding their lives post Katrina and now this.

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