Thursday, January 25, 2007

Recovery numbers for you

Celcus has an interesting post today,
about the Gulf Coast recovery. Here's the beginning of it:
There are people around the country who have been heard to ask why we can’t just let it go and get on with things. They regale us with stories of a terrible flood or tornado, a fire or other, and how they didn’t need help at all. Some even decide to play a numbers game, noting death totals from whatever disaster, as if this somehow “proves” we are simply a bunch of unmotivated whiners who insist that someone else clean up the mess.

Read his post for the breakdown of the numbers from this catastrophe.

Well, we're not unmotivated whiners and are doing A WHOLE LOT of cleanup ourselves and with the help of beautiful unselfish people from around the globe who are coming here to help.

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