Tuesday, January 23, 2007

John Kass is an ass

Dapoblog discusses an article that a two bit sports writer from Chicago wrote about the Saints
Here's an excerpt
People of New Orleans, lend me your ears.
We are not your sponge......So no matter what happens Sunday in the NFC championship game between the Bears and the Saints, it has nothing to do with that flood of yours.
We're not sopping up your water.
This is football....... ..Oh, I get it. If the Bears lose, New Orleans will rise above the place where it now sits, below sea level, where some ridiculous Frenchman put it, ignoring the warnings of his engineers.

I think this headshot of the assclown would make a perfect center for a dart board, don't you?


Anonymous said...

all you did was copy snippets of the article and take them out of context. the article as a whole is not bashing new orleans. it is trying to make a point that the media is demonizing the bears.

what you did makes you no less of an assclown than the moron who wrote the article.

Anonymous said...

Hey anonymous, I read the entire article and I think Kass was bashing New Orleans. The message was clear to anyone with even a small amount of intelligence. Can you read and comprehend what you are reading? You are an assclown yourself.