Friday, December 08, 2006

Winter in the deep south

Listening to the radio reporting on a 15 car pile up this morning on the I10 from Metairie.

There was water on an elevated portion of the road and the temperatures dropped to below freezing causing the massive traffic mishap.

Southeast Louisiana doesn't freeze very often, so they don't normally have any road salt or any way to spread sand, so you can imagine what it's like out there.

I come from northern Massachusettes and find this somewhat humorous. Not the accidents, but the fact that they cannot make the highways and biways safe in the event of ice.

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Tim said...

What an adventure I had when snow buried New Orleans back in 98. The whole city was paralized under 1 inch of snow!! The buses stopped running so I had to make my way downtown to pick up my Darling Wife--cars sliding all over the roads like a demolition derby. People here don't know how to drive in good weather, so you're right about how crazy it gets here when there's even slightly bad weather.

Keep up your bloggin, I really enjoy it,