Sunday, December 03, 2006

Scuzzbucket of the Week

Didn't have too look to far for this week's scuzzbucket.

May I present Legislative Democratic Caucus and Senate President Donald Hines, Louisiana Senator

Hines was leading the charge for a $135 million sugar syrup mill in his hometown, with half the cost to be guaranteed by taxpayers.

The Bunkie mill was conceived as a benefit for 42 cane farmers in four central Louisiana parishes, one of whom is Hines' son-in-law. Hines is not just a benevolent paterfamilias on this occasion, but also a landlord. His son-in-law's farm includes 100 acres rented from pops.

Hines says he sees no conflict in his pursuit of public subsidies for sugartown, but perhaps a reading of the ethics laws would change his mind.

taken from this Times-Picayune artice

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