Friday, December 29, 2006

Holiday week

Mark Folse contemplates the future of New Orleans

If we want a city that resembles the one of memory and desire, perhaps it is best if we are left to ourselves to build it. Give me enough people like Shearer, like the New Orleans bloggers listed at right and I believe we can do it: ourselves alone; Sinn Fein, as Ashley says. Going it alone, with fair compensation from the government for the damage they caused, will be painful

EJ finds reasons to make people feel a little better this year. Hell, who knows? Maybe Nagin will miraculously wake up mute next week!

b.rox discusses the wide range of emotions that can be wrought in one day....cognitive dissonance is a way of life here. People know how to combine tragedy and celebration without giving short shrift to either. I think that’s the part of New Orleans culture that I admire the most....

American Zombie talks about another depressing NOLA rumor

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