Monday, December 11, 2006

Fire Alan Richman

This assclown just won't shut up

...Mr. Richman, who never liked New Orleans, although he came here on his honeymoon several years ago. (He is recently divorced, but insists he doesn’t blame the city.)

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He says he was simply trying to write the first unsentimental piece about New Orleans food in a world in which having a contrarian opinion is no longer valued. “You have to be behind everything these days,” he said. “You have to be behind the president, you have to be behind New Orleans.”

He reminds me of a little kid that will do anything for attention.

His credentials? Turns out he made the switch from sports writing to food, primarily restaurant reviews, a mere 14 years ago. So he starts out writing about sweaty athletes and now he writes about food. (found that at a book review at amazon dot com)

You know, I don't give a rat's ass if he's "dean of food journalism" at the FCI
His association with the FCI doesn't do a thing for me. He just WRITES about food. He probably couldn't boil water.

Anyway, here's a repost of links:

The NY Times article on Richman's
GQ article.

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ashley said...

I like the name of that JPEG file.

He's going to really, really regret this. He'll become the "Jimmy the Greek" of food.