Tuesday, November 07, 2006


There are 8 amendments on the November 7th election ballot.
November 7th is a week from Tuesday. This isn't our usual Saturday election day.

The Bureau of Governmental Research is a private, nonprofit, independent research organization dedicated to informed public policy making and the effective use
of public resources for the improvement of government in the New Orleans metropolitan area. This report is available on BGR’s website

Council for a Better Louisiana's positions are here CABL's take

The Public Affairs Reasearch Council of Louisiana has done an excellent job of putting each amendment into everyday language and explains what your vote means for each. Click here to read their opinions.

Take some time and write down your positions before you go and vote. You only get three minutes. Hell, I was in and out in September when we had 13 amendments to vote on only because I wrote down my decisions before hand. Other wise, with my diminished near term memory, I'd be wondering why I was in the voting booth at all!!!

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Zonie said...

Yes, I think this election is different.