Tuesday, October 03, 2006

Scuzzbucket of the week

From the American Heritage Dictionary:
scuzz·buck·et (skzbkt)
n. Slan.
A repulsive or disgusting person or thing.

From today's Times Picayune

Class act

The mother of a John Ehret High School student who came to the school seeking to transfer her daughter after a cafeteria brawl last week was arrested Monday after getting into a fight of her own.

The unidentified woman came to Ehret about 11 a.m. after an incident last week in which her daughter was one of two 12th-grade girls attacked by four younger students in the cafeteria as part of a "neighborhood dispute," said Jeff Nowakowski, a spokesman for the school system.

While waiting to talk to an administrator in the building's main office, the woman initiated an altercation with two students also in the room, Nowakowski said. The woman told authorities the girls gave her "a dirty look," he said.

We are still investigating all of this because we don't know exactly what transpired, he said.

A man who accompanied the woman to the Marrero school also was arrested after the fracas, Nowakowski said, adding that the woman's husband was with her too but was not arrested.

The Jefferson Parish Sheriff's Office could be reached for comment.

Nowakowski said the woman had come to Ehret to transfer her daughter to another high school after the prior week's confrontation in which the two people suffered minor injuries.

The fights bring to four the number of violent incidents in Jefferson schools in recent weeks involving special education students.

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