Wednesday, October 25, 2006

Katrina Victim Database

John Mutter of the Earth Institute has compiled a Katrina victims database. According to
his website

The purpose of this web site is to assemble a comprehensive list of all those who died directly and indirectly from the effects of Katrina and its long, tragic aftermath. We would like to compile as comprehensive a list as possible of the names, age, race, sex, cause of death, circumstances of death and way of life of all those whose deaths could plausibly be attributed to the hurricane or its consequences.

The list of all the victims is an act of remembrance. In addition, if we can obtain all the information we can about the way they lived and how they died, we will be able to better understand how natural disasters such as Katrina affect all levels of society and devise measures to save more lives in the future.

Thank you Mr. Mutter.

And thanks to Greg at Suspect Device
for the heads up.

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