Sunday, September 24, 2006

Weekend Stuff

Another three day weekend has come and gone. We stayed very busy this weekend.

On Friday, hubby and I drove Hwy 90, east of New Orleans in search of more boats orphaned by Katrina

We found several on a levee that "protects" Hwy 90 from Lake Borgne.
(click on each picture to view full size)


Being eaten alive by mosquitoes was bearable, but for me, the sight of this guy

Made me turn back.

One thing I found amusing is this tag placed on boats along Hwy 90:

Yeah, okay.

These notices seem to have been placed on the boats in June, as evidenced by this:

Went to visit my daughter in Thibodaux yesterday. It's nice to go somewhere that doesn't have debris all over the place.

Last night we watched Hexing a Hurricane, a film by Jeremy Campbell. I highly recommend this film.

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