Friday, September 29, 2006

Saturday's Elections

Saturday is election day.
here is the sample ballot

Besides the 13 constitutional amendments, there are two statewide offices open for elections

Secretary of State
The secretary of state's office is largely administrative but performs the important function of running all elections, including being the central registry of all voters; buying, maintaining and delivering voting machines; hiring polling commissioners; and counting votes. In addition, the office maintains all state and corporate records and runs museums. The office must also attest to the signature of the governor on every single official state document.

Here's the link for the official Secretary of State site

League of Women Voters' profiles on candidates

My choices are in yellow font


- Mary Chehardy Real Estate agent (no webpages, info on her)
- Rayburn Clipper - Libertarian
- James Crowley: Small businessman - Coins and Collectibles, Licensed Real Estate Broker and Notary Public
- Jay Dardenne: Senator since 1992 (!!)
- Mike Francis: Owner Francis Drilling Fluids, Crowley, LA

- Francis Heitmeier: Career Politician - in Louisiana politics since 1972 (!!!)

- Allen Leone: Owner - Keller Williams Realty River Parishes

Commissioner of Insurance
The Commissioner of Insurance has complete jurisdiction over the Life, Health and Accident, Property and Liability, Marine and Inland Marine, Fidelity and Surety, and Title insurance industries in Louisiana; is ultimately responsible for the collection of Insurance Premium Taxes and Fees as well as the approval of all policy forms offered to Louisiana citizens, and has a host of licensing and regulatory duties to ensure a fair and safe market for Louisiana's insurance consumers.

One blogger's opinions on this election

- James Cain Professional Politician - 30+ years in the legislature/senate (incumbent)
- Jim Donelon: Professional Politician - 30+ years in Louisiana politics
- S.B.A. Zaitoon: "Since insurance affects a lot of citizens, why not have it as part of the Cabinet of the governor, like the Department of Health? Why should it be an elective office?”

The Conservative Cajun's take on this race

Click here
to view the candidates' ethic disclosure reports

The 13 amendments

I'm voting for all amendments except 5,6 & 9.

I'm not going to list my reasons here….suffice it to say
that I've studied them all and mostly agree with the
recommendations of the CABL
and it is what I've based my decisions on

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