Wednesday, September 20, 2006

Positive feelings

I'm not normally a fan of football or the New Orleans Saints.

But there is something electric in this area this week. You can feel the excitement.
It's more than just the normal annual rivalry game with the Falcons. It's bigger
than that. It's a positive electricity hovering over us.

And it feels GOOD!

After a year of one depressing happening after another; over twelve months dealing
with Ray Ray's
foot-in-mouth problems,
it seems like we are going thru a window of unmitigated good feelings. And everyone who's lived the
Post-Katrina experience deserves it.

So, all you Saints Fans, bless you! This is your time. This is a shot in the arm, a weekend diversion for Katrina's veterans. Let's enjoy it. We're all Saints fans this weekend.

Yes, there are still miles to go before we sleep.

And months before people move out of FEMA trailers .

We continue to wonder if the blatant cold blooded murders in the reopened public housing projects will ever stop.

But for today, for the next five days, we can smile and feel good about something, even if we're not football fans.

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