Sunday, August 20, 2006

Double E Indeed

Curious about what little ole Easton is up to, I decided to google is "famous name".
from I got this

Easton Ellsworth - The Blogger Interviews - Number One
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Easton Ellsworth is a man that likes to be first, and this time is no exception. When I asked for bloggers to interview, Double E (as I like to think of him) didn’t hesitate to answer the call, and now he gets to be the first in our hopefully long-running Blogger Interview series. We can learn the most from the people who are already doing the job.

Bio - Easton Ellsworth is an associate editor for the Know More Media network of business-related blogs. His blog, Business Blog Wire, covers corporate and professional blogging. He has been blogging since October 2005 and is the founder of blogtipping. Easton is 25 and lives in Mesa, Arizona with his wife and one-year-old son.

1) What got you into blogging into the first place?

It just fell into my lap! The guys I worked for as a copywriter at Tornado Solutions, a small Web publishing company, decided to build a blog network all about business called Know More Media. They gave me an editor/blogger/assistant/scout/guinea pig/Swiss Army knife kind of role and I haven’t stopped having fun since.

Having fun covering the terrible goings on in New Orleans, double e?

2) Are you achieving the goals you set out to do when you started?

Yes, both as an individual and as a company. My first goal is to help our bloggers succeed. Everything else, including the success of my own blog, is secondary. We’re growing very steadily at KMM and I’m thrilled to be a part of it.

Glad you are thrilled, double e!

3) What are the key aspects concerning blogging for dollars that you’ve learned?

First, regularly publish original

Is it original to take from locals, double e?
content that will appeal to a large number of people who have time and money to spend. Second, get those people to spread word of your services to others. Third, set goals and plan carefully. Fourth, work diligently. Fifth, have a Plan B in case of failure.

Hope Plan B is ready in this case, double e.

4) If you had to give advice to someone else looking to make money blogging, what would it be?

Never give up. Write more. Read less. Believe in yourself. Befriend others. Set clear goals. Work harder. Work smarter. Try new things. Ask questions. Be different. Be irreplaceable. Be nice. Listen to people. Have fun.

I can replace you with Ray Nagin, double e, you little shit!!

5) What do you think of vlogging? Are you doing it yourself? Have you experimented with podcasting, what were the results?

Vlogging and podcasting are harder to monetize, because of the format and because advertising is still catching up to the technology. I have a little experience with both. They are easy to learn and to do, and very fun. You have to watch out for glitches, though. I’ve lost whole interviews due to silly technical errors. I don’t vlog or podcast much at all, but I plan to do more of that in the future.

Can you imagine trying to "vee lawg" during Katrina's flooding, double e?

6) Where do you see blogging (and yourself) in 5 years?

I think KMM will have grown considerably. I hope to stay with it as long as possible. Blogging will be immensely popular. Millions of professionals will use them to boost their careers. There will be bigger and better “live” search engines. There will be more ways to make the world a better place, and unfortunately some will take that in the opposite direction. But overall I hope the effect of blogs will be good. I see myself using blogs and other new media in a career involving Web publishing. Hopefully I can help other people learn things that make them better folks.

I'm gonna puke!!
How old are you, double e?
I hope the NOLA bloggers eat you for lunch, double e

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Easton Ellsworth said...

JudyB, please don't belittle me. In my own very imperfect way, I'm trying to benefit the people of the New Orleans area by sharing information that others can use to learn more about what's happening.

I'm not afraid of the NOLA blogging community. On the contrary, I've immersed myself in it. Several NOLA bloggers have talked personally with me to clear up some confusion. I've clarified to them that NewOrleansTruth is a non-profit blog meant to respect and amplify their voices. I am amazed at the depth and commitment of those, including you, who have continued to write about their trials and hopes for New Orleans even through intense personal hardships and suffering. Know More Media plans to continue recognizing and spotlighting established voices on the subject. Thank you for being one of those voices.

Please read NewOrleansTruth and offer any suggestions you may have on how to improve it. I'll keep following your blog as I look for resources to point NewOrleansTruth readers to.