Sunday, July 23, 2006

Orphan Boats

While perusing my favorite blogs last week, I ran across this post which started my wheels turning. Seems that there is still a whole bunch of unclaimed boats all over the area. I know that I must see more than a dozen
on my commute to and from work via Highway 11.

img src="" width="400" border="0" />

The complete set of my "orphaned boats" can be found here.

So I set out Saturday morning and drove around my immediate area, digital camera in hand and took some interesting pictures.

During my ride, I snapped a few other pictures of "recovery" (or lack of) from Katrina, almost 11 months later.

the "world famous" Irish Bayou Truck Stop and Casino (still not open)

Recovery IS happening, but not as fast as the rest of the country thinks it is. Listening to the radio last week, I heard someone say that Slidell's back to normal. I wonder where they were looking?

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