Wednesday, July 19, 2006

Oh, no!

July 19th, 2006

What would you do?

The Louisiana Attorney General is pursuing charges against a doctor and two nurses for " the second-degree murder of four unidentified patients" which brings the post Katrina emotional roller coaster ride back down the hill.

The alleged "murders" took place during the days after Katrina laid waste to New Orleans via the levee breaks. Several New Orleans' hospitals had critically ill patients which were not able to be evacuated.

Who the fuck is Foti to judge? I know, it's his job and all, but not one of us knows how we would react if put in the situation the doctors and nurses that stayed behind for Katrina were in.

If Foti and company succeed in prosecuting these people, will they go after FEMA, who stopped several rescue operations due to their inability to do their jobs?

Will they go after Kathleen Blanco for being an ineffective leader in times of crisis?

Will they go after Ray Nagin for the long list of mistakes he made, including the infamous flooded busses?

Good Lord, so many people died because of mistakes made. I don't see any good coming of this.

I'm sorry the people in the hospitals died, whatever the cause. But dragging this into the spotlight will only bring on or strengthen the rampant Katrina-related depression going on down here.

Go after the real criminals, Mr. Attorney General.


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