Monday, July 31, 2006

Good Commuter News

The Chef Pass bridge has been closed since Hurricane Katrina undermined the banks that supported the bridge.

This is probably little news to denizens of New Orleans. But for us northshore commuters, it's a wonderful thing. The morning and evening commutes over the east side of the lake can be a nightmare some days. Post Katrina it's a little worse because of the lowered speed limits on the twin spans.

All it takes is one crazed commuter to drive carelessly and cause an accident, which could gum up the flow of traffic for hours. If this happens after this Friday, at least Highway 90 is available as an alternative. Before last August, Highway 90 was an easy, interesting way to traverse Lake Pontchartrain. I haven't seen it since last year, but I believe it is a whole lot different now. I cross the lake via Highway 11 and have seen very few lights in the area of Highway 90 since Katrina. We shall have to see.

My thanks to the State Department of Transportation and Boh Brothers.

A careful inventory of all your past experiences may disclose the startling fact that everything has happened for the best.

Author Unknown

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