Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Come on, participate, NOLA-ians

Levees dot org is requesting that concerned citizens contact AP reporter Becky Bohrer and ask that she become a responsible reporter and stops using good old shorthand when describing the federal levee failures in metro New Orleans that devastated the city.

The shorthand refers to reporters' usage of terms to slide thru the facts that New Orleans was flooded due to the failure of the USACE levees during Katrina. This lack of details could lead the reader to believe that the storm surge from the Katrina overtopped the levees in the city when in fact the levees gave way due to poor structural integrity.

Can't find a direct email address to Becky, but I am told via their website that you can contact AP at "info@ap.org".


BTW, if you want to see more discussion on this and other subjects regarding NOLA, be sure to visit the Rising Tide website and maybe sign up to attend this Saturday.

I won't be there due to the fact that us northshore people aren't seen in a very nice light to most NOLA bloggers. I'll keep my ass safely here in Slidell and check it out from afar.
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