Monday, October 20, 2008

Time for a Smile

With thanks to Greg over at Suspect Device, I present to you how life is over in New Iberia, Louisiana.

Seems that a Mr. Mike Romero was in a quandry about what to do with his cows during Hurricanes Gustav & Ike after watching his calves die in Hurricane Rita in 2005. Well, sir, let me tell you....Mr. Mike has stirred up a hornets nest down there.

Y'all think the comments in the Times Pic are bad?

Get a load of some of these (and I haven't edited anything:

Are you people thinking about this??? Go ride by the neighborhood those "innocent" cows were housed. See how close the houses were to the fence (maybe 2ft if that) then imagine all the dung seeping through the fence onto your yard, along with the smell, flies, mosquitos. Remember there was no electricity, so the windows had to be raised. The cows pushing your fence, because there hungry and want to eat, because poor, innocent Mr. Romero didn't feed his precious animals for 3 days. That is why he choose not to bring them to the sugarena. He would of hadtotakecareofthem

" well i evacuated my animals!! some to New Iberia & some to Broussard! so i wouldn't be charged & no one is picking on me do we leave the animals drown like in hurricane Rita?? or do we take them out during a mandatory evacuation?? "

" Good ole Mike has once again proven that he's about as smart as a bucket of hair. A real close race with his sister Nancy ROFL! "

" If we can tolerate the smell of the horses in the parades, which quite frankly, serve no entertainment value in a parade, then surely these neighbors should tolerate the emergency situation this man found himself in! Get over it already! "

Thanks, Greg for the Monday smile.

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