Thursday, June 17, 2010

8th Generation Oyster Fisherman worries

One of the biggest complaints from coastal residents is that more is not being done to keep crude from hitting the coast and getting into the wetlands.

Now that BP has agreed to put $20 billion into an account to fund claims, many folks along the coast are asking when more will be done to protect the fisheries and keep more oil out of the marsh.

While people welcome the promise of money to help pay the bills, they worry about what is further down the road.

"They're filled with the uncertainty of they don't know where they are going to get their next dollar from," LSU Agcenter Fisheries Agent Rusty Gaude (pronounced "go-day") said. "It is as serious if not more serious than Hurricanes Katrina and Rita."

Mike Voisin's family has been making a living off the coastal waters since the 1800's.

"I'm an 8th generation oyesterman," he explained. "Am I the last generation of oyster fisherman? That's a very real threat."

Voisin fought back tears as he talked about it.

"It just hurts... there isn't an answer."

He is trying to remain confident that there will be a great future for the seafood of Louisiana, but he doesn't know how.

Listen to Voisin here.

Many asked after President Obama's Oval Office Address why he didn't talk about defending the coast.

Retired Army General Russel Honore has called for the military to take over the shoreline defense and treat it like an invading enemy.

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