Friday, October 10, 2008

Voice of the Wetlands Festival 2008

From the VOW website on the recent storms affects in Southeast Louisiana:

We are currently recovering from hurricanes Gustav and Ike.
Houma took a direct hit from Gustav, and although Ike hit over 300 miles west of here, our parish suffered significant damages. The winds from Gustav damaged structures, and the winds from Ike flooded an enormous number of homes in Terrebonne and Lafourche parishes. The water in our parishes came only from wind... no rain. We need better levees and more buffers such as an increased amount of wetlands to better protect our homes from this kind of disaster.

The flooding that occured recently from Hurricane Ike was almost an exact repeat of Hurricane Rita. This very well could have been prevented, had our coastal restoration projects that are so badly needed been actually implemented. We are weary of the politics and the red tape, and we need action.

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Anonymous said...

The festival was awesome...I cried all the way home this morning, leaving your beautiful city and it's beautiful, great music and culture! Can't wait for next year!
(norfolk, virginia)