Saturday, October 25, 2008

The Gray Ghost Sucks

Read about it here, at Humid City

In a post written by NOLAREX, it details how this self serving asshole has taken it upon himself to paint over this artwork by British grafitti artist Banksy.



He even went so far as to use people to pose as employees at New Orleans City Hall to convince building owners that they had to remove the work.

From the above link:

Before I could recover from the shock that was more chagrin than anything, another man who lives almost facing the wall of the store, confirmed. “Yeh, it’s that guy that goes around painting grey all over the neighborhood.” I was obliged to take a tour of the area where this gentleman showed me grey splotch after ugly grey splotch of the style of the Grey Ghost that I am already too familiar with. Indeed, the “woman from City Hall” arrived in a white van with the man who painted grey on the building across the street. What a coincidence!

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