Thursday, July 06, 2006


July 6, 2006

Our drought here in SE Louisiana is slowly waning. Rained all weekend for the fourth. We did manage to catch 5-Finger Discount Band at the Mandeville Seafood Fest. They sounded good as usual. After they played the skies opened up and we decided to make our way back to Slidell.

Had a wild ride home from work yesterday in the rain. It was blinding-coming-down-sideways rain. This area hasn't seen rain like this since The Storm

Gause Boulevard in Slidell flooded, as is the norm.

We're getting close to the peak of the hurricane season, which is from late July thru September. Here's a link to a new, very impressive storm tracking website IbisEye dot com.

Not only does it track hurricanes, but it also gives you info on the latest weather alerts nation wide. A true weather junkie's dream.

We were driving down Bayou Liberty Road over the weekend. It was gray and overcast which made the scenery that much more depressing. Only one or two houses that are located on Bayou Liberty are occupied. The rest are gutted and just sitting there. Thanks, Katrina

The only people who never fail are those who never try.

Ilka Chase
(1905-1978, American author, actor)

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