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Sunday, August 17, 2008

Excellence in Recovery List

It's been a rainy weekend, so in between rearranging my living room and trying to stay off my swollen ankle I decided to go thru the list of people who think that Ray Nagin deserves any kind of a reward in the Katrina recovery and see who they were. I left out the people that Howie has identified on his website.

For an up to date status of this fiasco, check up with Kevin Alleman here at Gambit.

And the "Excellence in Recovery" Committee Members are......

Juli Juneau Glass Artist (go to page 8 of link)

Donald G. Lambert Louisiana Licensing Board for Contractors (see page five of this link)

Richard Fiske - , owner, Bombay Club

William Goldring - Magnolia Marketing Co., one of the largest independently owned wine and spirits distributors in the country.

Father Michael Jacques - Pastor, St. Peter Claver Church

Coleman Adler II - president, Adler Jewelers

Joe Maselli - developer of the internationally famous Piazza d’Italia with the City of New Orleans

Wanda Davis - Director, Alexandria Housing Authority ???

Barbara Major - community organizer and trainer with over twenty years experience in many local, national, and international community development efforts.

Rabbi Edward P. Cohn - Temple Siani, New Orleans

Mel Lagarde - President & CEO of the head of the Delta region for the hospital company Hospital Corporation of America

Ashlyn Graves - Evans-Graves Engineers, Metairie

Arnold Baker - President and CEO of Baker Ready Mix Building Materials

Ethel Kidd - French Quarter Real Estate

Terry Williams - Managing Partner of Airware Consulting

Al Groos - New Orleans Metro Convention & Visitors Bureau Chairman

Ed Minyard - Unisys Emergency Management Practice for North America.

Effie S. Naghi - Jeweler

Reverend Cornelius Tilton - co-leader of strategic planning for the Greater New Orleans Pastor’s Coalition

William Sizeler - Sizeler Architects

Blaine Kern Sr. - Mr. Mardi Gras

Joseph Jaeger Jr. - President & CEO, MCC Group

Reverend John C. Raphael - Pastor, New Hope Baptist Church

Keil Moss - French Market Corporation

Dawn Leslie - Real Estate

Ralph Fontcuberta - BFM Corporation-Land Surveyors

Reverend Fred Luter, Jr. - recognized nationally as one of this city’s powerful man of the cloth.

Steve Dwyer - Lawyer, Dwyer & Cambre, Metairie

Lisa Roth - Architect

Raoul Chauvin - Engieering Consultants, Infinity

Reverend Willie Gable - Progressive Baptist Church

Henry DiFranco - Not sure if this is the man or not, but this Henry DiFranco is in the "recovery" bid-ness.

Angela O'Byrne - President, Perez Architecture Firm

Frank Nicoladis - N-Y Associates, Architects

Reverend Sam Johnson - New Orleans Baptist Theological Seminary

Joseph Parrino - Fleur de Paris hat shop

John Schackai III - Independent Architectect

Reverend Richard Bellizan Sr. - another man of the cloth who loves Ray Ray

Prisca Weems - Environmental designer

Hans Wandfluh - General Manager of the Royal Sonesta Hotel

Reverend Reginald Nicholas Sr. - Pastor, Olive Branch Baptist Church

Ray Liuzza - Part owner Doubletree Hotel

American Zombie blogs about Bernardo , Nagin's personal "photographer" and apparent organizer to the event and his lurid past peddling cocaine to performers at House of Blues and sexually harassing the staff there.

Bernardo's the sleazy looking dude on the right

Clancy DuBos opines Nagin will never be remembered for being the beast that (Idi) Amin was, but he’s about as delusional if he thinks anybody beyond his small circle of sycophants actually deems him worthy of an award for “courage and leadership” after Katrina.


Anonymous said...

This is great,Judy. Thanks for doing this part of the tasking.

Don't know if this is the right Henry, but it is another developer and the list is ripe with BNOB cronies and agents of profit (no wonder they think the recovery is so excellent):

Anonymous said...

Here's a Reverend Richard Bellizan, not clear if it's Sr:

Anonymous said...

You're a doll, Carmen. thanks so much!! Updating the post now.

Anonymous said...

Just regular folks, the survivors ya know.

Anonymous said...

Wow, Ms Judy, this is just great & sparkling bloggery!
I know Effie Naghi, he also owns part of Mardi Gras Zone in the Marigny. HA! You guys...dangerous.

Here's the Hubig's link ...jus', easy, cheap, available...

Thanks Doll,

Unknown said...

Is thid the mob liuzza. Know wonder this is one crasy city. said...

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