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Monday, February 22, 2021

Merrick Garland


Merrick Garland wrapped up questions at his Senate Judiciary Committee confirmation hearing to become attorney general with bipartisan support on the panel and a commitment to “turn down the volume” on policy fights at the Justice Department.

Garland, a 24-year federal judge and former Justice prosecutor, acknowledged divisive times after the riot Jan. 6 at the Capitol over election results, the videos of deaths last year of Black Americans and disputes over which cases the department should pursue.

“It’s not just that the department has to do justice, but it has to appear to do justice, and the people of the United States have to believe that justice is being done,” Garland said. “Otherwise, people lose faith in the rule of law.”

Garland added that he wasn’t na├»ve, but that he hoped to return the Justice Department to pursuing law enforcement and policies with bipartisanship.

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