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Tuesday, March 17, 2009


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AIG Executives for their efforts to screw the American taxpayer by awarding its staff $165 million in bonuses AFTER accepting a multi-billion bailout from the federal government.

-- The top recipient of the bonuses received more than $6.4 million.

-- The top seven recipients got more than $4 million each.

-- A retention bonus for an employee who left totaled $4.6 million.

My retention bonus isn't nearly as much.

Also benefiting from the Government bailout of AIG were French and German banks .

Edward Liddy, chairman and chief executive officer of American International Group Inc., (AIG), is shown in this file photo. THE ASSOCIATED PRESS/Kin Cheung

You'd think that people making this kind of money would find REAL hairstylists, wouldn't you?

AIG executives have blamed each other for the company's financial woes with former CEO Martin Sullivan (front) casting much of the blame on accounting rules

After receipt of their first installment of the Government bailout money of $85M, the execs took a little "business trip" to discuss how to dole out the money.

Itinerary courtesy of huffington Click here to see a legible version.

I'm with my homestate Senator Barney Frank that the government should assert it's ownership of AIG. We own 80% of this bucket of scuzzes. I do like the idea that some lawmakers want to tax these bonuses at 100%.

A history of AIG's "leadership" since Katrina.

I'm no college graduate and I have made it a point to NOT look at my retirement account since September. Well, I did peek when I got something in the mail after year end and it made me shudder. But these SOB's who have been part of running a company into the ground and then accepting government money to stay afloat and THEN do what these people did make them prime candidates for SCUZZBUCKETS.

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